About Us


About US


Oneparkmall.com is a company specializing in the sale of wig products. We supply more than 1,000 kinds of high-quality products, including chemical fiber wigs,headwear, accessories, clockwork, hair extensions etc. Our products are exported to at least 20 countries.


Why choose ONEPARKMALL.com


1.Our company's products are mainly composed of synthetic wigs and accessories. Our wigs have antibacterial elastic mesh, memory hair, medical grade wig, diamond mesh cap and other advanced technologies.


2.Our competition is not a low price, but the pursuit of better materials, more realistic effects and more comfortable, lighter and more breathable wearing experience.


3.Except for a few custom models, most of our models can be shipped within 24 hours,and DHL shipping to the United States takes only 2-4 business days. We have a more comprehensive after-sales service, can quickly reply to the customer's questions and no reason to return within 30 days.