Payment Options

Payment methods available in include:
2.Western Union
How to Use Credit Card
When you select CreditCard as the payment method, you will be taken to a site where you can pay your order. Third-party Payment companies are all authorized by Banks, and all of them have the Data Security Standard of PCI (Payment Card Industry). The credit Card Payment gateway adopts the Payment page of Banks.The data is transmitted through SSL encryption and does not compromise customer data to merchants.It is traceable, immediate and convenient. Moreover, credit card companies typically provide some purchase protection.
Why my credit card or debit card payment is failed?
Do Not Honour: The reason for the failure is that the issuing bank directly rejects the transaction. The buyer need to call the bank to ask the bank to authorize the transaction.The buyer then pays back again.
How to Use Western union
When you choose western union as a payment method,you will get 15% discount.
and we will email our company western union payment information to your email box(also check Junk mail).You can visit or go to western union office to send payment to us.After you pay,please email us MTCN(money transfer control number) of western union.